Monday, April 2, 2012

Knee day

Well...I got 20 miles last week. Now that I've had 9 consecutive shitty weeks in a row I guess I'm pretty much starting from scratch...again...but at least I'm not laying on an operating room table. Pops is probably laid out on a table about now ready for some snipping and sewing. I hope his meniscus surgery goes well. The old man needs to run at least a few times a week for at least a few more years. Hope all is going well down there and that I'll hear from him soon.

Nobody I knew won that mega millions jackpot. I dind't play but I'm confident anyone who reads my blog would ship me a wheelbarrow load of gold bullion if they had. I guess that means I'll need to keep going in to work to dazzle them with my enthusiasm and work ethic. I do suppose if I had a wheelbarrow full of cash presented to me I'd stash it somewhere and go live a life of material poverty and empirical wealth. The cash surviving only as a lifeline to save me from my eventual drift from savoir vivre into anathematized chaos.

I snuck in a quick 10 minute run on Friday and didn't have any pain. I was excited to run on Saturday but the day got away from me. I took a nice motorcycle ride into the mountains and then visited my cycling friends. That left me with not quite enough time to test my hips with a 5 mile run.

Sunday Alexandra came over and rode her bicycle with me while I ran. I decided to not pay any attention at all to my pace, my form, my heart rate...or any of the many things that seem to be cluttering up my runs lately. Instead I decided that until my legs are better I'll just run for a bit however feels best. I picked a loop that I thought was 8 miles. The first 2 miles my hips and knees hurt horribly and I kept hoping it would go away.

After about 3 miles it went away but I felt pretty tired the entire way. I guess I was running a bit faster than normal but it was sunny, I had good company, and I was out there. The loop ended up being 12 miles so at 10 miles I shut it down. No real pain but I was feeling pretty darned tired. Actually the 2nd toe on my left foot was hurting. It felt like it was digging into the bottom of my shoe. Like I was trying to grip the earth with my toes on every step.

I think I averaged around 7min miles (taking out the stops) the first 4, then 6:50's for a couple, then 6:30's for the rest. I felt pretty beat up last night. My knees and feet were hurting. Those things hurt without the orthotics so it makes me wonder if all this is actually worth it. At least I ran and I have to eventually get used to something and get going.

I'll not start Tom's week 1 workouts yet. I want to run a little everyday this week and see how my legs feel. A bit of unstructured running until I feel confident I'm able to actually train. Hopefully I don't end up on the couch sharing blogposts with him remembering when we could run...

Here's the details from Sunday's run.

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