Tuesday, October 30, 2012


  I went to the office yesterday to use the gym.  Work was closed because there was some sort of weather problem in the area.  I did my core work, those damn knee exercises, and then went out to run and it was cold and rainy....so I wimped out and went back up to run on the treadmill.  I figured I'd might as well make myself run 3 miles easy and at least get SOME miles in.  Get my metabolism going and whatnot.

I ran the first mile in 7:10 and it felt horribly slow and boring.  Edged it up to 6:40 and then decided the only way I'd survive on this silly machine was to go fast.  I'd wanted to run 5miles outside everyday anyways so I set myself to run 5miles.   Ran the 3rd mile in 6:10, the 4th in 5:40....tried to do the 5th in 5:10 but I had to back it down near the end and got 5:16.  Somewhere in that mile I decided to run 10k and I got the last 10k of a marathon going in my brain.  Couldn't hold the 5:20 pace and backed it off slightly....and then slightly again for 5:33 and then the .2 I sped back up to just under 5min pace.

1 = 7:10
2 = 6:40   13:50
3 = 6:10   20:00
4 = 5:40   25:40
5 = 5:16   30:56
6 = 5:33   36:29
.2 =  :59
10k =        37:28

Then I jogged 3/4 mile and walked 1/4 mile. First 3 miles in 20min and then next 3 in 16:30.....I'll take that!!  Of course...In my mind I was pulling away the last 5k in the marathon.  The crowd went crazy....  :-)

22-28th training.

Friday I took the day off because I had to get all sexied up and go to a Halloween party. 

Saturday I went to the Occaquan/Bull Run trail, parked at Hemlock overlook, and ran 5miles southeast towards Fountainhead park.  I got somewhere passed the marina and turned around.  I love that trail.  It's my favorite because each mile is clearly marked.   The terrain is really tough too.   I ran between 7:10's and 7:50's depending on how rocky and hilly the mile was. 

10miles total.

Sunday I ran 5 on the Fairfax lake trails.  I saw two hot runner chicks stretching over by the new skate park.  I hope they're regulars.  Trail was crazy packed with mountain bikers since it was so warm and the storm was coming.

Week totals.
Mon - 3 easy
Tues - 5 easy
Wed - 6 track tempo
Thurs - 5 easy
Fri- off
Sat- 10 easy
Sun - 5 easy

34 miles

Oh yeah......   Talked to my buddy Fernando Cabada  yesterday.  He recently got sponsored by Newton.  I tried talking him into sending me some and he said....

 "You're an idiot Terrible.....I send you Newton's you'll be whining on your blog for the next 6months that your calves are broken because you'll go run your Grandpa ass 80miles a week in them as soon as you get them and I'll feel responsible.   How about I send you a care package of BenGay and diapers  instead you old fuckin' geezer."

From now on Fernando, every time you race, I'm telling God that you're the Devil so he'll have Ryan Hall beat you...... bastard!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Weeks training

Monday - 3 miles.  Out an back on the W&OD  super easy, felt in a funk from a weekend of eating poorly, hard work, and not running. 133hr

Tuesday - 5 miles 150hr  on the Lake Fairfax loop.  Felt great

Wednesday - 6 miles.  mile warm up and cool down with 8x 800 in 3 min with 90 second jog recovery in between.

Thursday - 5 miles.  Felt pretty tired actually.  133hr was 90 seconds slower on the route than normal.

Planning to run everyday without days off just to get my body used to it.  Thinking I'll make myself run 5miles every evening and then try.....TRY....to incorporate morning runs of 3-5miles.  That way all my runs are short and easy but my miles edge up.  I'm not much for morning runs, especially in the winter so we'll see how that works out.

I nearly got hit by a car on the way home from work yesterday on my bicycle.  A oncoming car turning left into Starbucks turned right into me and I leaned way back and grabbed a healthy handful of breaks.  I don't know how I didn't end up on their hood.  They saw me and slammed on the gas trying to make it not recognizing how fast I was coming.  I ran right up onto their car but didn't crash.  Fucker just roared away.  I should have gotten the license plate.  grrr...

Remember folks....It's my life.  I don't want to trade it for you getting your coffee 30seconds faster.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Secret Blog

I have decided to preach to the choir and have started another blog.  I want to keep this one just to running.  The new blog will be my environmental ramblings, details from my binders full of women, my childhood stuff, political BS...and whatnots.  It's going to be members only.  If you'd like to read it send me a note or comment on this post.  If you don't get a response that means you're better off not reading it.  It'll require you to login.  If you don't want to read my crap or don't want the trouble of logging in I won't be hurt not receiving a request from you.

Blog name is TerribleThinking. 

I may drop all the posts from previous blogs on there in an archive to be made into an autobiography later.  For now I'm still occasionally slogging away at my book and might start posting chapters online.  We'll see.  It's a fictional post-collapse story about a family contracted by the collection of North Eastern States that remain, to rebuild the C&O canal.

For a good brain stimulator today...and a sample of stuff you'll get on my super secret private blog....

This guy Geoffrey West is one of them smaht fellers.  He outlines how growth is measurable and how it scales.  For example you can show that one cell takes x amount of energy and lives y amount of days.   Then you can see that for every 10 to the 4th power of cells that you have the lifespan doubles due to efficiency.  Since we're all made up basically of the same cells you can then measure other things based on this theory.  Mice live 2 years, dogs 15, humans 100 etc based on this doubling.  Beyond that you can measure the other benefits and limitations size brings...for example mice sleep 15hrs a day, humans 8hrs, elephants 4hrs, and whales 2hrs a day. 

Once he establishes this he goes on to tell how you can do the same with cities.  He asks the question is New York a scaled up version of San Francisco.  Is San Fran a scaled up version of smaller city, etc.  What are the scalability of cites.  What components (cells) are necessary and how much energy do those take.  Interesting stuff.  It's a long video but really good.


First few minutes while he's setting up the biology is tough but it gets better as you go.

here's my favorite part starting around 23min in.

"Cities are the cause of the problem, and they're also the cause of the good life. They are the centers of wealth creation, creativity, innovation, and invention. They're the exciting places. They are these magnets that suck people in. And that's what's been happening. And so they are the origin of the problems, but they are the origin of the solutions."

and another spot.

"One of the bad things about open-ended growth, growing faster than exponentially, is that open-ended growth eventually leads to collapse. It leads to collapse mathematically because of something called finite times singularity. You hit something that's called a singularity, which is a technical term, and it turns out as you approach this singularity, the system, if it reaches it, will collapse. You have to avoid that singularity in order to stop collapsing. It's great on the one hand that you have this open ended growth. But if you kept going, of course, it doesn't make any sense. Eventually, you run out of resources anyway, but you would collapse. And that's what the theory says.

How do you avoid that? Well, how have we avoided it? We've avoided it by innovation. By making a major innovation that so to speak, resets the clock and you can kind of start over again with new boundary conditions. We've done that by making major discoveries or inventions, like we discover iron, we discover coal. Or we invent computers, or we invent IT. But it has to be something that really changes the cultural and economic paradigm. It kind of resets the clock and we start over again.

There's a theorem you can prove that says that if you demand continuous open growth, you have to have continuous cycles of innovation. Well, that's what people believe, and it's the way people have suggested that’s how you get out of the Malthusian paradox. This all agrees within itself but there is a huge catch."

He later describes that eventually you'd need major inovations faster and faster which isn't possible. 

Torturing Tom

I had a few weeks of torturing Tom by training in typical Terry fashion.  Thought I'd better get it in here.  I ran 52miles last week.

Monday 5 miles (7:40 pace- 133ish HR)
Tuesday 12 miles  (7:40 pace- 133ish HR)
Wednesday 4 miles  (7:40 pace- 133ish HR)
Thursday 11 miles  (7:40 pace- 133ish HR and then 4 miles at 6:05 pace)
Saturday 7miles  (7:40 pace- 133ish HR)
Sunday 13 miles (6:40 pace)

Entirely too many.  Got new shoes.  Went from Brooks Ghost/Glycerin then tried Brooks Flow, and now trying Brooks Ravenna.  The Ghost felt good but patella tendonitis was bad.  Flow made it worse but I ran with better form and stride rate.  I ran on the treadmill at PR and got a better more informed helper who spoke my language and we decided I need stability shoes instead of neutral.  Tried the Adrenaline and the Ravenna and she recommended the Ravenna because it was narrower.  It worked great for my 13mile run I didn't like it in the trails the other day.  Didn't like it on the trails but I think I just needed to tie it tighter.

 Think I'll still buy the Adrenaline online and try the narrow.  I tried on the w omen's there and it felt better than the mens.   Mens is D width and Women's B.  They sell the men's online in B width.  I'd have just bought the womens there but the color would have me looking like a fairy.

A few weeks back I had also stopped wearing my flat no drop work shoes.  They're total chick magnet shoes but I think they were adding to my patella problems.  I've looked for an equally magnetic pair with more support and lifted heal but have yet to decide on a pair.  I've been wearing my dressier black shoes instead.  I'll have to take Zoya with me for some fashion advice sometime and pick out my new brown chick magnets.

This week I've decided to lay off torturing Tom and start following his program.  It's a bit boring not doing those long runs but I keep getting injured because I'm not ready.  Had to take 3 days off this week because I was a jackass last week.  My ass and left hip hurt.  Tom's original plan was to fill me up with about 6 weeks of steady, slow, low mile days.  I'll rest my ass this week and next week plan to start pumping out a few weeks of 5mile lunch runs every day.  Start at 30ish miles a week and slowly add some miles.   Goal is to race something in March/April time frame.