Friday, June 21, 2013

paved paradise

  The site of my very first race was demolished yesterday.  For 6 months my dear friend Lisa and I had organized, petitioned, raised money, and wrote Op Ed pieces for the local newspaper trying to garner support to save a cherished piece of our towns historical and cultural heritage.  Having won battle after battle, it seems, the City Manager and the Board of Education, were determined we would most certainly not win the war.  A vote was scheduled to be held next Thursday to decide on the outcome of the stadium.  This Thursday, a week before the vote, they took it into their own hands and demolished the stadium.  I can't even write more about it, my heart can't take it.  A crushing blow.  Laws were broken, we will insure there are consequences.  It still, however, will never at this point.... feel like anyone has won anything.  The things people will do for money and self interest astonishes and hurts me.

Good news about my building in Ohio (and thank you to Michael for offering your help...I shall take you up on that someday).  A quote came back that was very reasonable.  They begin work next Tuesday.  The City zoning manager doesn't require a permit because it is restoration and not construction, so everything is set. 

I'm heading to Ukraine tomorrow.  I'll most likely not get online much. 

Because the loss of my stadium has me in no mood to write, I'll instead allow you to listen to a really interesting podcast.

The best part to me is about the 16min mark. that one is too long.  Here's a good one that 's short.