Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Voodoo Curse

As soon as I typed out that last post I left work for a run. I was pretty excited to get out at noon. The weather was colder than I wanted but I planned a nice 8 or 9 mile run. As soon as I put on my shoes with my orthotics things started hurting. Normally my first 5 steps would be hobbles as my feet and ankles gave me shocking pain. Then my knees would hurt for about a mile and slowly go away.

Friday it seemed to hurt worse than normal and by 10 minutes it hurt so bad I decided to just turn around and go home. Then about 5 minutes later I was only able to walk. Boy did I ever curse myself with a post telling everyone everything was figured out.

The next few days I filled my days with a whole bunch of nothing.

Sunday I was laying around feeling sorry for myself when a word Mr. Anderson used to say popped into my head. I decided to use his word on my orthotics and I "shitcanned" them. I slipped the inserts that come with the shoes and headed out the door. I was angry and I was determined to run even if I had to do it on my knees.

I got out the door and felt pretty good. No normal hobble. Knee pain lasted about 3 minutes and then stopped. I've always raced without orthotics so maybe my body thought I was racing. I got into the woods and just let myself go. I'd run all out for about 3 minutes and then jog for about 5 minutes. On one of my all out legs I passed a guy as I crossed a field linking the woods trails. He yelled to me..."I used to run like that, you're hauling ass!" I thanked him, but made sure I got into the woods before I ended my 3 minutes of fury.

After a nice loop through the woods I headed over to Hunters Station hill. That hurt!! As I ran back home I got to the lake (where it normally takes about 5minutes to get home) and saw my time was 55 something. I decided to try getting under an hour. I went pretty hard and made in in 59:58.

Monday I ran 5 miles really, really slow. I can't find my heart-rate strap so I've not been Garmin'n Sunday it would have probably read 150ish. Monday I kept it really slow. I'd guess 125-135bpm. It took 38:20 to run that loop which is about normal going recovery pace.

Tuesday I ran the 5 mile loop again after a long day at work. I did it about a minute faster. There were a few spots yesterday where my form felt absolutely perfect. Totally effortless. When I got back from Australia I had a string of days like that. I got about 6 minutes of it yesterday. Hopefully that means my form and fitness are going to come back. I held myself back. I'd guess my HR got up to 140 so I was probably a bit faster than I should have but it still felt really easy.

The good thing is I've run 3 days in a row without orthotics. Something I haven't been able to do for 10 weeks with either my old broken ones or my new horrible shitcanned ones. I do still have knee pain and I've been pretty good about icing them. My feet have spots that hurt a bit but nothing that's gotten concerning yet. My hips were pretty sore yesterday. No pain, just noticeably sore.

Today I'll run for an hour. It's cold :-( 48 degrees after 60's for nearly a month.

My plan for the week is...

M- 5
T- 5
W- 8
Th- 5
F- off
Sa- 10
Su- 5

Oh sweet....found this..I'm all set :-)

Casting instructions for Unbreakable Good Luck Spell.

so first put the salt and the clover in a bowel (Shit I sure hope that was supposed to read "bowl") and crush them together
then throw away to mushy clover
now put the salt in a ring around the ring and in a line through it

then chant 3 times

fortuna vivere se fortunam
per anulum
quibus habitant potestatem meam

the power is in the ring to take it out into you

chant 3 times

quibus habitant per anuli mei iuris
mihi autem nunc per ot sit

Sheesh....with all these voodoo spells available right on the internet I'm not sure why everyone doesn't have good luck all the time. This is going to be GREAT!!

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