Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Base Building!

O.K, so terrible is gonna give it a go without the orthotics for a while. Hopefully, we will be able to see how much of a base he can build with out too much knee, ankle, and hip pains. Base Building. You know the can't shoot a cannon from a canoe. Base mileage is 80% of your total performance. Without a solid base, any attempts at performance take too much out of the well, and set you up for a period of poor training. So, where are we trying to go over the next two months. We will be SLOWLY and PATIENTLY trying to get to approximately 60 miles a week. This will include a few two a days and some consistent medium longish runs, but the goal will to be to make this feel as easy as possible, and to not let any workout feel too stressful. A good idea of how this will look bye the end is three days of easy 4 or 5's at lunch with 4 or 5's in the evening. That will be 24 to 30 of the miles. Then two ten easy milers with some short pickups to 80% of max heart rate for another 20 miles, and then an easy 12-14 miler on the weekend followed up with a day of rest. That should get us our 60 miles that we carry for a month or so, followed by a down week, and then we start to go after tempo's, hills, and finally some speed work, with a good solid few 10K's to 10 mile fall races. So, this is the basic outline. So, terry should start with that 40 miler or so for the next two weeks, and then we will start to build up, with about three weeks up, followed by a recovery week, and then a continued gradual build to 60. So, lets see what happens!

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