Friday, April 6, 2012

Ready Sir

It seems my hips and feet have come around to the new orthotics. I've been able to run pain free this week. 5 miles monday, tuesday off, 5 miles wednesday, thursday off. I wanted to run yesterday but my work schedule and whatnots just didn't allow it. I'll do a good bit of running this weekend. Probably try to get 2x 1hr and a 30minute run over the next 3 days.

I guess It'll be another pretty wimpy week, but I think my hips and feet are ready to start the galloping gimps training program. My knees are still quite tender after each run but they don't seem to be getting worse.

I had an interesting altercation in Baltimore wednesday night. I was running a very popular path along the waterfront and came upon some people harassing a homeless man. I couldn't believe that everyone was just standing around watching. I wasn't around to see if the fellow deserved harassed or not, but 3 on 1 just isn't appropriate. Plus...once you've made your point, once you've won some sort of victory....there's a time to stop the pummeling.

It earned me a good whack somehow on the elbow. Enough that it swelled up and my hand didn't work right for the remainder of the night. Must have gotten hit on a nerve on the outside of my arm. Anyways, I broke up the shenanigans. When I was leaving, and the crowd was all standing around astonished, I let the the cute girls.... who's big meat-head boyfriends stood around like dopes while the 135 lb guy in shorty shorts was somehow able to combine empathetic thought with decisive physical action, know that they should mark their man's failure to think, or care, or act upon it..... on the negative column of their mental "is he the one for me" checklist. Then I completed the remainder of my beautiful run.

Speaking of running. We get out at noon today because a long while ago the Romans misplaced some dude named Jesus. It seems they placed him under a rock for the weekend and couldn't find where exactly they had placed him. Anyway, in thanks to Roman forgetfulness I'll get to do a nice run during the heat of the day without having to miss work to do it.

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  1. O.K., let me know when you have been able to complete the week one training plan, and then I will restart your training!