Friday, April 13, 2012


I've been able to run 5 days in a row now. Yesterday I actually felt like I was training. Cumulative fatigue started to hit me. I like that.

Wednesday I headed over to Route 7 after work to do the Difficult Run/CCT trail. I had a loop in mind but wasn't sure how far it was. I was thinking it was 8 or 9 miles but it ended up being 12. I took it really easy. I had to hike here and there on the River trail because it was so rocky and because the view of the Potomac was so beautiful. I'd get distracted and on a few occasions realized I'd better watch where my feet were going or I may just plummet 3 stories down into the cold river. I found some neat places that I'll need to investigate. Might be some good cliff diving spots. Looked deep enough.

On the way through the park I realized it was going to be too far so I shortcut wherever I could. I think it ended up 11 miles. I felt pretty good. There were some good sections where my form felt really perfect. I imagined I was emulating Fernando Cabada. He really has nice form. entire childhood I tried to be like runners 5 or 10years older than me. Now I'm trying to be like runners 5 or 10 years younger.

The last 2 miles I know my heartrate drifted up out of the desired zone. I was cold and tired. I held my form together and didn't have any feet or knee pain. But I did a bit too much. I was worried I'd pay for it.

Yesterday I did my normal 5 mile loop. I was about 40 seconds slower than even my slowest days. I felt pretty tired. Nothing really hurt. I just took my time. It was the first time I felt really, really tired since Brisbane. I like that feeling.

Today is my day off from running. I'm sure my body will thank me. Since I ran long Wednesday I'll swap my wednesday and saturday runs. So tomorrow I'll do the 8 miler.

I'm off to Lake Anne to watch John and Zoya compete in the Rumpass in Bumpass. We're staying in the FeXy house with a bunch of tri geeks. Hopefully the scenery at the race will be good and the company after at the team house will be fun. I'm sure something will entertain me. I'm good that way.

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