Friday, March 30, 2012


After work today I headed up to the gym. I figured if I couldn't run I'd at least do a good core workout, stretch, and try to make my man boobs bigger. (chicks dig the man boobs)

After going through my normal routine I decided that methadone treatment just wasn't cutting it. The stretching had me feeling a bit better. I risked it and got on the treadmill and ran for 10minutes. Running at 86 steps instead of 78 or 80 felt pretty natural today. I found leaning forward a bit made it more natural but then I had to carry my arms a bit lower. I do suppose low arm carriage will be all the rage since that's the form Ryan Hall employs. Anyways, 10 minutes was nice. No pain. We'll see how it goes. It's amazing how just 10 little minutes can put you in a better mood. The addiction that is running just isn't matched by lifting weights. I got my quick fix.

Yay!!! I got my weekly mileage up to....... 9.5... DOH!!! Oh well...Zoya invited Mike and Melissa over to celebrate friday. Then I'll head over to Alexandra's where I've been promised a massage. Almost finished my book about the fellow who rides his bike around Australia. Next up is Running the Edge by Adam Goucher (hopefully all the illustrations are photos of Kara).

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  1. Sorry, it's primarily him and Catalano...he had his 2nd meniscus surgery on November 19th, and I can't find anything telling me if he is off the couch as yet....just want to get monday freakin' over!