Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dragon Monday

Pops had his surgery yesterday. I talked to Mom and she said he was all doped up. I gave thought to all the wonderful pranks I could play on him while he was in such a state, but I figured he wouldn't remember them anyways....so I decided it wasn't that good of an idea. I left him to dreaming of dragons and monks...because personal experience tells me that's what old folks think about when they're stoned.

I was pretty tired from my Sunday run. A bit too far and too hard for my fitness. I used to be fit enough so that 9 weeks of inadequate training wouldn't feel like completely starting over....but that's where I am. Yesterday I was excited to get out and run. Running 2 days in a row is the start of a trend and I wanted to be hip.

I got out the door and got going ok. No pain anywhere, just fatigue. About 1/2 mile into the run I felt absolutely horrible. My legs were heavy and my heartrate felt pretty intense. I gave thought to just running 3 miles instead of my planned 5, but by the time I got into the forest things were smoothing out. I took it pretty slow and just enjoyed being out there. The leaves are all in now but still a fluorescent color of spring green.

At the bottom of the the hill I somehow got this song in my head.

I'm not sure where that came from.... It's not like I go around jamming to Lou Graham on my ipod.

As I ran I remembered my words from just a few days earlier as to just how I didn't really care about racing...that I'd be happy to just get out and run. So even though I was dragging and barely making 9minute miles I just enjoyed getting out there. I suppose while pops was dreaming of ninja monks and bridled dragons I was out enjoying the run enough for the both of us.

By the end of the run I could tell I was running junk and over-training. No elasticity in my muscles. No pain...just horrible form and fatigue. Today I'll take off.

Here's the run. Pathetic...but I'll take it :-)


  1. Where's my saddle? Hold that unicorn for me.....no, I will keep it out of the big woods, and try and stay on the trail until I come to the purple bridge, and hopefully, the monks will have wine and those damn rainbow dragons will knock off that shit with the belching smoke.....