Thursday, October 18, 2012

Torturing Tom

I had a few weeks of torturing Tom by training in typical Terry fashion.  Thought I'd better get it in here.  I ran 52miles last week.

Monday 5 miles (7:40 pace- 133ish HR)
Tuesday 12 miles  (7:40 pace- 133ish HR)
Wednesday 4 miles  (7:40 pace- 133ish HR)
Thursday 11 miles  (7:40 pace- 133ish HR and then 4 miles at 6:05 pace)
Saturday 7miles  (7:40 pace- 133ish HR)
Sunday 13 miles (6:40 pace)

Entirely too many.  Got new shoes.  Went from Brooks Ghost/Glycerin then tried Brooks Flow, and now trying Brooks Ravenna.  The Ghost felt good but patella tendonitis was bad.  Flow made it worse but I ran with better form and stride rate.  I ran on the treadmill at PR and got a better more informed helper who spoke my language and we decided I need stability shoes instead of neutral.  Tried the Adrenaline and the Ravenna and she recommended the Ravenna because it was narrower.  It worked great for my 13mile run I didn't like it in the trails the other day.  Didn't like it on the trails but I think I just needed to tie it tighter.

 Think I'll still buy the Adrenaline online and try the narrow.  I tried on the w omen's there and it felt better than the mens.   Mens is D width and Women's B.  They sell the men's online in B width.  I'd have just bought the womens there but the color would have me looking like a fairy.

A few weeks back I had also stopped wearing my flat no drop work shoes.  They're total chick magnet shoes but I think they were adding to my patella problems.  I've looked for an equally magnetic pair with more support and lifted heal but have yet to decide on a pair.  I've been wearing my dressier black shoes instead.  I'll have to take Zoya with me for some fashion advice sometime and pick out my new brown chick magnets.

This week I've decided to lay off torturing Tom and start following his program.  It's a bit boring not doing those long runs but I keep getting injured because I'm not ready.  Had to take 3 days off this week because I was a jackass last week.  My ass and left hip hurt.  Tom's original plan was to fill me up with about 6 weeks of steady, slow, low mile days.  I'll rest my ass this week and next week plan to start pumping out a few weeks of 5mile lunch runs every day.  Start at 30ish miles a week and slowly add some miles.   Goal is to race something in March/April time frame.

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  1. Yah, you just got to let your body catch up more slowly, and admit that at 37, you are an "old" runner due to your years of insane mileage. Try and keep the runs between 5 and 9 miles, throw in occasional short easy sprints to keep your fast twitch muscles activated, and try and get in three weeks of pain free 35-38 miles or so, take a short week, and then start three week cycles that build you to 50 to 60 miles max. THEN you can go from running to training....