Tuesday, October 30, 2012

22-28th training.

Friday I took the day off because I had to get all sexied up and go to a Halloween party. 

Saturday I went to the Occaquan/Bull Run trail, parked at Hemlock overlook, and ran 5miles southeast towards Fountainhead park.  I got somewhere passed the marina and turned around.  I love that trail.  It's my favorite because each mile is clearly marked.   The terrain is really tough too.   I ran between 7:10's and 7:50's depending on how rocky and hilly the mile was. 

10miles total.

Sunday I ran 5 on the Fairfax lake trails.  I saw two hot runner chicks stretching over by the new skate park.  I hope they're regulars.  Trail was crazy packed with mountain bikers since it was so warm and the storm was coming.

Week totals.
Mon - 3 easy
Tues - 5 easy
Wed - 6 track tempo
Thurs - 5 easy
Fri- off
Sat- 10 easy
Sun - 5 easy

34 miles

Oh yeah......   Talked to my buddy Fernando Cabada  yesterday.  He recently got sponsored by Newton.  I tried talking him into sending me some and he said....

 "You're an idiot Terrible.....I send you Newton's you'll be whining on your blog for the next 6months that your calves are broken because you'll go run your Grandpa ass 80miles a week in them as soon as you get them and I'll feel responsible.   How about I send you a care package of BenGay and diapers  instead you old fuckin' geezer."

From now on Fernando, every time you race, I'm telling God that you're the Devil so he'll have Ryan Hall beat you...... bastard!!!!


  1. I have run 5 times in the last 10 days, all three or four milers in those newton sir isaacs. They are a bit more forgiving than the distance,and have about 5 mm drop. I am going to try and use this restart to covert to them fully. Ask him for those isaac "s" stability shoes as a place to start, and PROMISE that you will start with 2 or 3 mile runs until you adjust!

  2. It is nice that your friends talk to you in such a caring way. I say take the Ben Gay. You can always share it with me.