Tuesday, October 30, 2012


  I went to the office yesterday to use the gym.  Work was closed because there was some sort of weather problem in the area.  I did my core work, those damn knee exercises, and then went out to run and it was cold and rainy....so I wimped out and went back up to run on the treadmill.  I figured I'd might as well make myself run 3 miles easy and at least get SOME miles in.  Get my metabolism going and whatnot.

I ran the first mile in 7:10 and it felt horribly slow and boring.  Edged it up to 6:40 and then decided the only way I'd survive on this silly machine was to go fast.  I'd wanted to run 5miles outside everyday anyways so I set myself to run 5miles.   Ran the 3rd mile in 6:10, the 4th in 5:40....tried to do the 5th in 5:10 but I had to back it down near the end and got 5:16.  Somewhere in that mile I decided to run 10k and I got the last 10k of a marathon going in my brain.  Couldn't hold the 5:20 pace and backed it off slightly....and then slightly again for 5:33 and then the .2 I sped back up to just under 5min pace.

1 = 7:10
2 = 6:40   13:50
3 = 6:10   20:00
4 = 5:40   25:40
5 = 5:16   30:56
6 = 5:33   36:29
.2 =  :59
10k =        37:28

Then I jogged 3/4 mile and walked 1/4 mile. First 3 miles in 20min and then next 3 in 16:30.....I'll take that!!  Of course...In my mind I was pulling away the last 5k in the marathon.  The crowd went crazy....  :-)

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