Friday, February 28, 2014

Running on water

Got up and ran a loop with Moby this morning.  It was 3 degrees...brrrrr.......  ran 5 minutes out onto the lake.  It is frozen as far out as we could see.  We hopped around on the ice mounds for a while with Moby looking into all the caves.  Knee hurt but it was good to get out.  Not every day you get to run on water.   Should have taken my camera. 

Inna said there was a lot of booming and banging there this morning.  She couldn't tell if it was shooting or fireworks.  Police are noticeably absent in the streets.  A friend flew into Kiev yesterday and passport control was basically non-existent.  I hope they sort all this out.  My guess is Putin's thugs will incite enough criminal activity that he'll need to send in troops to "Save and Stabilize" the country.  Surplus wealth going to a crooked politician or going to an authoritarian controlling state...I'm worried that all the revolution has accomplished is to cut out the middle man.

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  1. Gee.....that sure sounds dandy! it is 74 here and you couldn't find a body of water to try and run on....Pop