Friday, October 25, 2013


Really good progress on the running front.  I worked too darn much in Ohio so I didn't get to run for almost a week.  But I continued my rehab exercises and stretches.  I ran my 4 mile route yesterday again with no pain.  I went a weeee bit too fast and ran it in 26:12.  Certainly too fast.  I'll discipline myself to get back onto the Hadd plan and running at 128-132 HR.

The good news is that today I passed all my flexibility and strength tests to begin running everyday.  I'll run 2 days on and 1 day off for now.  Then hopefully in 2 weeks I can be running 6 days a week.  Still keeping my runs to 30 minutes.  Then once I can handle running everyday I can slowly build up my miles.

Tom had told me once long ago that once I found the right stretch or just the right exercise my problem would go away pretty quickly.  What the doctor explained to me is that my tendon had been so injured that it was near tearing.  So in defense it torqued down my quad and hip flexors.  So no stretching would help release it until my tendon healed.  The Platelet Replacement Therapy and Prolotherapy did that.  So now it's on to fixing the problem that created my imbalance in the first place.

The doctor thinks that 6 years of riding 350+ mile weeks on the bike, plus sitting at work, gave me a pretty clear case of "Anterior Pelvic Tilt"  He said usually people get it from sitting too much.  But mine was worse because I actually used those muscles in their shortened state while cycling. So it made them short and very, very strong.  So it was going to take some serious work to strengthen my glutes/upper hamstrings and release those hip flexors. 

Well....I've been doing the serious work.  Tom was right.  Once I healed the tendons I was able to find that exact stretch that does it for me.  In 2 weeks after doing that every 2 hours for 12 minutes (that's a TON of stretching).  I'm seeing great improvement.

Here's my miracle stretch.  Before I stretching a little different way and it was hurting another tendon.  Once I inserted this one into my routine instead everything improved dramatically.

A song for you all.


  1. Don't try to run too fast, but with at least a pace that causes you to land properly. Also, only run as long as your form is perfect. After my trials and errors coming back from the missing meniscus and then the stress fracture, It took me a good three months to be able to run more than about 45 minutes without my form starting to turn to crap. As I said before, just adding a few miles a week for three or four months will get you back where you need to be.....

  2. Glad to hear your training is going so well and I am sure you are relieved to be running without pain. I need to be as diligent as you about building my core strength and stretching. I am too impatient and just want to run. VHTRC has some fun runs in the Massanutten Mountains during the winter. I will keep you posted on them. The Moonlight Run in January is a night run without headlamps that is right up your alley.
    I said it before but I will reiterate, if you ever need help in Ohio just let me know. I owe you big time for all of your help on my floor.