Friday, August 24, 2012

running amuck

I had a really good week of running this week.  I haven't got my miles in here for a while and finally have something to report so I better get it down.

Saturday 3mile warm up, 5k race, 1mile cool down.  7miles total
Sunday 5 miles easy

Monday 6 miles easy
Tuesday 4 miles easy
Wednesday 6 miles easy
Thursday 9 miles with 2 hard
Friday- Off

Looks like about a 35- 40 mile week :-) 

Knee pain is still there but not that bad.  I've been icing like crazy and before everything hurt.  Now I have to massage around a lot with the ice to even find those tiny little spots that still hurt.  Knees still hurt first mile though. 

Yesterday I ran this loop from Colvert Mill down to Great Falls, a loop there and then back.  I ran the first part pretty normal, then around the lasso part I stopped a lot to admire the views of the Potomac, then on the same trail heading back I ran 3 minutes faster than I ran out.  Pushed a bit the last 3 miles.  Feel like when the going gets tough I resorted to overstriding.  Not enough fitness to keep the turnover going.  Plus it was muddy as hell and those Brooks Pure whatevers aren't all that great in the mud.

Oh....on my Wednesday run it was pouring ran and it stopped about half way in.  I looked up and saw an owl perched in the tree.  I shook my fist at him and he flew to another tree.   I ran the next 2 minutes looking back to make sure he wasn't following me.  Once I quit looking a huge raindrop fell from a leaf and whacked me right on the head.  It was enough to nearly send me sprawling for cover.  My reflex was to just dive right in the mud.  PTOD  (Post traumatic owl disorder).

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