Thursday, June 7, 2012


Went to the track last night, put on my 1998 spikes, and ran all out for 200meters. That's about as far as I can run all out. Geez it felt good. 27.07 Pretty happy with that. It's weird how my brain totally switched to running again. I'm supposed to go on a cycling trip with John this weekend but all I can think about is running. That marathon goal just won't go away.

How can you blame me for dreaming of running when you go to a 50miler and meet a chick like this in the woods.

Can you believe someone can look so beautiful after 40miles?  I mean.....look at Mike beauty whatsover!!!


  1. Wouldn't she even look prettier if you got to see her from all angles bye RUNNING WITH HER? Anyway, I still await the moment where you switch to whatever task it is gonna be, break the switch behind you, tell your gigolo heart to go f@$k itself, and get to it.....37 becomes 40 real fast!

  2. It is a good thing I checked to see if you made any new entries in your blog. I had no idea I was being slandered. This photo convinced me that I need to go on a serious diet. Maybe the motivation you need to run is participating in the VHTRC training runs. Every time I have run with them some pretty girls have shown up. The VHTRC Women's half marathon training runs are starting in a few weeks. I run in the woods so I can identify trees, you can run in the woods to identify potential dates. Of course Terrible Dad is probably right, you could suppress your inner gigolo while running.