Monday, June 4, 2012

I do it for the chicks

Forgive me father for I have sinned...  It's been 6 weeks since my last real training run.  

Been doing a bit of cycling lately.  I had a few fun weeks of it, but those damn ultra runners and the hot chicks you see doing it have me missing running.  So today I'll get my running shoes on and hit the trail. 

I jumped straight into a pretty amazing amount of cycling.  Hit back to back 250 mile weeks without the ding darndest of problems.  Sometimes I amaze myself.  It did good at feeding the ego.  I went to a few group rides and beat up on folks who'd been training year round and who's bodies can only handle around 180miles a week of riding.  I don't have the pop to do massive accelerations.  But I was riding well.   Even won the very prestigious Haymarket Wednesday Night World Championships.  First time I'd ever won it.  A bit of a fluke....but I'll take it.   I got away with about 15 minutes left to ride and they thought there was no way I could hold it until the end.  Coming into the last 10k they really went hard to catch me but I held them off.  It was a bit like a Pro tour stage where the sprinters are reeling in the breakaway on the final straightaway.  I won by 2 bike was close.  I may or may not have puked on my shoes....DOH!!!

Felt good to win.  Jared and the gang sure are fun fellows to ride bikes with.

I also reconnected with the bike polo gang.  Did a few weeknight rides downtown.  One ride I got caught in a horrible storm.  Had to wade through a raging river. .  Then I rode down to Alexandria, Mount Vernon, had dinner with a homeless man outside Chicken Out.  He told me all about the spot down there where you can hop trains.  Said the trains head south mostly so we talked about where they go, how to find a good spot on one.  How they find you and kick you off, etc.  Very interesting fellow....but a bit stinky (He ate an entire chicken with 2 sides).  Then I meandered around DC taking photos and wandered in at midnight.

Bike polo was pretty fun.  They moved from Rush rink over to Gauladette University.  That's a pretty crappy area.  I saw something fantastic though.  A lazy mom told her child to go around the fence to pee.  The dirt covered kid ran around the fence and while she continued talking to her crackhead friends the little boy pissed through the fence right on her. Cute kid....and smart too :-)    Darned Vimeo embedding doesn't work.  Good song

This weekend I decided to go on over to the NorthFace 50mile race.  I'd given thought to running the marathon because 3:55 won it last year.  I figured I could win that.  Turns out it was already closed.  I did give thought to running the 50mile but I haven't really done anything in 6 weeks and really had 10 shitty weeks before that.  So that was out.  Instead I went to cheer on Mike and see if Lyuda ran it again.

It rained like crazy Friday night so it was a muddy sloppy mess for them.  Mike ran 12:10.  He inspires the hell out of me.  Toughest and most passionate runner I know.

 I should have ran with him a bit more to help him break 12 but every time I gave it a thought another really hot chick would run by that required some of my cheering.  Wow.....if ever a guy needed a push to keep running instead of biking.  Chicks like this......will do it. (pic not from this race, stole from her blog

After the race I got a lot of compliments for my cheering.  It seems cheering is the way to women's hearts.  That's the most successful I've been in a while with the cuties.  My favorite cheer was to yell to them "Don't worry....there's much better cheerleaders ahead".   

Anyways, talked to the 3rd place guy after the race and got to realizing....Shoot....I can beat this fellow.  Now all I wanna do is run. a switch.

Had already planned a nice bike ride for Sunday.  I hadn't been out to Mount Weather in ages.  The entire ride I was feeling pretty crappy.  Then on the top of Mount Weather.....almost as far as you can possibly get from home. breaks. I was able to pull off the derailer and wind it around my bike.  Then bash the chain with a rock until it broke and hammer it back together shorter to make it a fixed gear.  But the darned thing wouldn't hold together so finally I just said screw it.

 Had to hitchhike back to Leesburg (4th car that passed me picked me up.  Must have been the spandex) and then John picked me up in Leesburg.   The running gods are sending me signals.  Time for bipedal training.

Off to hit the Fairfax trails.  Starting to think Ironman Louisville in August......


  1. got a gigolo's heart and I have no idea what you want to actually TRAIN for.....but once you tell me you want to commit to something, I will get on board. I STILL think the duathlon would be perfect for 40, since you will be 37 TOMORROW! Happy Birthday!! Now in just two more years, you will be the age I was when we did our first run together.....

  2. Terry commits to nothing, just casing tail...