Friday, June 10, 2016

poo miles

Yesterday I went to a friends house to rescue him from his poo filled basement.  I was able to remove the pump and auger, fix it, and put it back in and get the basement drained.  It was a really shitty way to spend the evening.  After a good shower I decided to stop and do a moonlit run on the C&O canal.  Frustrated by my knees, spending my days doing PT, and spending the evening ankle deep in poo....I decided to hell with all of it and ran faster than I'm supposed to.  5 miles in 31:05.  Not bad for out of shape and running in the dark.  Glad I didn't fall into the canal.  The moon was really amazing.  It was low in the sky so it was huge, but it was just a sliver.  The sort of moon you see in photo's with the kid hanging there fishing. 

Anyways, feel pretty good today.  Sore in the quads I guess.  Birthday is coming up.  If anyone wants to get me anything, I need about 6 years of training without pain.  If you're feeling generous...  I'd like 3 more Cavs victories during the finals.  I think it has been proven that the best way to do that hasn't been to take Curry or Thompson out of the game, but rather to clunk KLove in the head.  Don't go Gillooly on my here, but if you happen to have some Voodoo skills I'd be ok with that.

After spending an evening in poo....I swear I still smell it.  It's burned into my sinuses or something.  Reminded me of this funny song.

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