Friday, August 2, 2013

Historical building pictures

I found a photo of James A. Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, and William McKinley speaking in front of my building in Geneva.  It was the dedication of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on August 4, 1880.  That monument was later moved to the corner of Eagle an Park streets and now sits at the opposite corner of Park and Broadway.

Mine is the 3 story building on the left. Pretty cool!!  This photo was taken from the center of Broadway, South of Main street.  The drug store you'll see in the next photo would be directly to the left of the photographer.

 This is the view on Main Street and Broadway.  My building is directly across the street from the Drug store you see in this picture.  So my building would be to your right and around the corner if you were standing where this photo was taken.


 This picture is from farther North on Broadway.  You can still see the drug store on the corner in the center of the photo.  From here you would walk South on Broadway to the corner.  Turn right on Main street and my building would be the 3rd on the right. 

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  1. Maybe you can get some historical restoration monies or some tax break for keeping this old building standing.....