Friday, March 29, 2013

Left foot, right foot

I ran 15 minutes the other day.  I shuffled over to the track and ran lane 8.  Some old guy hobbling along passed me in lane 1.  Oooof!!!!  Talk about a slap to the ego.  I sped up a little and at the 9 minute mark I thought I might have to walk.  I slowed back down and ran until 15minutes and called it a day.  My knees both hurt and my left foot was hurting.  A little pain in my lower back from hurting it moving the bathtub last weekend.  Today I just feel sore in my hamstrings and a spot on my left hip.

I decided instead of my marathon goal being 2:28 that I'd make it 2:44 and I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon.  I guess I just know I don't have the drive as of now to commit to such a lofty goal.  I still think it's in my realm of possibility but things would have to line up pretty perfect to run that fast.  2:44 seems pretty doable.  First things first is to fix these knees because 3 months completely off did absolutely nothing to help them.

I'm feeling a little down today because of some of the comments I got from posting that goal on facebook.  I guess I didn't expect that.  It angers me that folks would even question me running a 2:44.  Used to be that would be a long run.  It wasn't that dag gone long ago.  It's not like my little mitochondria all retired.  Anyways, sort of just angered me.  Then I got some comments about my last post that seemed a bit rude.  That's a sensitive subject I put out there in front of the world.  If you're to obtuse to realize that a little tact when addressing it is necessary......  grrrr....maybe I just need a friends list redo.  Then today I had a misunderstanding with my "girlfriend".  I joked to her because she told Zoya that when she first saw my picture she wasn't attracted to me because she likes guys with big muscles.   Her reaction to my joke sort of startled me.  She said....yeah...well that's ok, i don't mind dating people I'm not attracted to.  Or something along those lines.  Wow...way to make a guy feel good.   Maybe I'm just too sensitive.  I tried not to respond and just change the subject and then she said she might as well be talking to herself sometimes.  So I guess the chat sort of went off the rails from there.  C'est la vie.

well.   I'll go run it off. 


  1. People get all worked up about goals.....they are about giving yourself some training focus, and whether you ultimately hit them or not, it is really not that critical. Since you need to get your body in a position to run again, being able to run with good form and without pain seems like more than enough goal for a while. If you get that, I have no doubts about what your ability and your heart will produce....

  2. I agree with Terrible Dad, goals are just to something to aim for not a prediction. You are so honest about your life, I take your goals as just letting us into your mind. If I wrote down my goals people would criticize me as well. I can't believe anyone would criticize you for your last post. I am amazed you were able to overcome such terrible abuse and become the great person you are today. There are not many people who would have the strength to overcome the abuse and offer help to a young person going through similar traumas. Your willingness to help others is what defines you. You have certainly helped me a lot in ways that you don't even know about.